Inspiration Behind Katie Ladybug

Katie Ladybug was an inspiration of Kelly Wiseman’s daughters and their love of so many characters.

Katie Ladybug’s story developed as Kelly found mindfulness through her yoga practice and healing through a heavy metal detox.

Gone was the daydreaming and constant unexplained anxiety, poor memory and forgetfulness. learning to do more of less things and getting still the story really came together as she recognized her many wonderful distractions.

Author of Katie Ladybug

Kelly Wiseman

Blessed to have model parents who had a love of sport and provided a healthy home, Kelly lived in several states and attended many schools as her father served in the US Air Force.

Although her school teachers consistently commented on her “daydreaming”, she always excelled in physical education and art recognizing later that being physically engaged gave her some degree of focus.

She graduated from Ball State University and has enjoyed a career as a wellness Professional teaching physical fitness and healthy lifestyle practices. She loves to teach swimming, sailing and yoga.

Author Kelly Wiseman
May Katie and her teachings of inner guidance bring you into your own Superpowers.
Book Cover Image A Journey into Mindfulness

Katie ladybug: a journey into mindfulness

As a symbol to STOPLISTEN, and FEEL, connecting you to the practice of mindfulness.

Whenever you see her brilliant red-and-black shell, let it capture your attention to find awareness.

The power of the BUG to BE UNDER GUIDANCE-your inner guidance to find and use your superpowers.

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