Katie ladybug:
a journey into mindfulness

Book Cover Image A Journey into Mindfulness

As a symbol to STOPLISTEN, and FEEL, connecting you to the practice of mindfulness.

Becoming mindful of everything increases your awareness of self and others, develops your creativity, and helps you find the truth. Remember anything can serve to distract you. As you become more aware, seek to explore the experiences that come from being in your peaceful place inside.

Whenever you see her brilliant red-and-black shell, let it capture your attention to find awareness.

The power of the BUG to BE UNDER GUIDANCE-your inner guidance to find and use your superpowers.

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What readers have to say about Katie Ladybug!

As an Occupational Therapist, I found this delightful book an excellent tool for teaching children (and the adults in their lives) the concept of interoception (awareness of sensations inside the body). This book focuses mostly on what the reader can See, Hear, Think and Feel. Katie Ladybug helps children make the connection that the feeling the stillness and calm is…

Deanna Waggy

Loved this book on the importance of finding our inner peace & using mindfulness as our super power! Great lesson to have from a young age and throughout life!


When I read Katie Lady Bug, I was so amazed at how the author took us on an adventure to discover mindfulness, freedom and creativity. Every parent needs to read this with their child. And teachers – let’s get this into the classroom NOW!


This is a wonderful book and an amazing mindfulness tool for children. I wish I had this book when my kids were little. And Katie Ladybug is such a cute character. A great gift for any child in your life. And a great gift for their parents as well.

Susan O’Malley

I absolutely love this book. Bought it for my kids and the message was great! It helps kids learn how to be self aware and be more in tune with their your feelings. We need more books like this, to teach our children!

Amaryllis Rivera

This book is perfect for teen girls and young women. The illustrations are colorful and bring life to the words.

Joni S. Bishop

Great story line and cute pictures to match. The pictures make the book feel light/friendly and the story brings home life lessons, you can use for years to come.

Mom of 5

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